Veterinary application

Calviri for dogs

Loved ones with four legs also get cancer.

Applying our life saving science to pet cancer

Calviri is conducting the world’s largest study, Vaccine Against Canine Cancer Study (VACCS) among 800 dogs. The objective is to test the efficacy over 5 years of a preventative vaccine against all major cancers – double blind, equal arms. The study is funded by a $6.4m grant from the Open Philanthropy Project and Calviri, Inc. The Data Safety Monitoring Board concluded that there was no safety or autoimmune response. The next milestone in Q2 2022 is the year 3 study report on efficacy.

Watch CNN’s report on Calviri’s dog cancer vaccine trial on our videos page.

Clinical trial

Almost half of all households in the US have a dog, and for those of us that share our lives with them they become a loved addition to our families.

Like humans, dogs suffer from cancer. They make up 95% of the pet cancer therapeutic market. As awareness to the availability of cancer treatment for dogs increases, so does the cost burden.

Treatment options for dogs are much the same as humans, with chemotherapy being commonly prescribed.

Our science could make a huge contribution to revolutionizing the out dated cancer treatment industry by offering rapid diagnostics and therapeutic vaccines. Moreover, we have a late stage preventative vaccine in our pipeline that is showing great promise – it could prevent dogs from ever getting the disease.

Canine cancer cost


Pet cancer therapeutics market

The pet cancer therapeutics market size exceeded USD 220 million in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 10.1% between 2021 and 2027.


Canine cancer market dominates pet sector

The pet cancer therapeutics market for dogs segment dominated more than 95% of revenue share in 2020 due to the growing prevalence of cancer among dogs.


Government initiatives driving the canine cancer market

North America market size is set to exceed USD 321 million up to 2027 owing to soaring government initiatives for the promotion of pet cancer research and high expenditure on veterinary health.

1 in 4 dogs

Rising prevalence of canine cancer

Around 1 in 4 dogs, at some stage in their life to develop neoplasia. These estimates highlight the rising need for canine cancer medications that is predicted to promote the demand for pet cancer therapeutics.

471m dogs

Dog ownership increasing

There are 471 million pet dogs worldwide. Pet ownership statistics show between 2019-2021 there was an unprecedented rise in pet adoption worldwide.