Calviri is actively conducting an integrated set of studies and clinical trials that are at various stages to product. Studies target human and dog products against cancer and infectious disease. These are summarized below:


  • A study to build a test to predict Checkpoint Inhibitors (CPIs) has been completed and is nearing publication.
  • A Pediatric Brain Cancer diagnostic study is being prepared for publication; a vaccine trial is readied.
  • An early stage Breast Cancer diagnostic study is underway; a vaccine study is designed.
  • An immunoassay for COVID-19 shows favorable outcomes and results are being prepared for publication.


  • The largest dog vaccine trial in the world is underway at three premier Veterinary Universities. The five-year trial will assess the performance of a preventative cancer vaccine.
  • HSA, Hemangiosarcoma is one of the most aggressive and common dog cancers. Both diagnostic and vaccine studies are ongoing.
  • Brain cancer is difficult to diagnose by imaging or biopsy.  Both diagnostic and vaccine studies are ongoing.

Watch CNN’s video about our vaccine clinical trial to prevent or delay cancer in 800 pet dogs here.