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We are building a successful company based on powerful breakthrough science. We believe our efforts hold the potential to end cancer.

Our Mission

We are determined to offer humanity a better life, free from cancer. While our goal is hugely ambitious, we are intensely driven to rid the planet of worry from cancer.

Calviri’s mission is to provide affordable products worldwide that will end suffering from cancer by combining a unique, highly immunogenic source of neoantigens with our peptide array platform. On our course to eradicate cancer we will develop new diagnostic and therapeutic products, and then preventative vaccines that will stop cancer from starting.

Our team

Stephen Albert Johnston

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Kathryn Sykes PhD

Director, VP Research & Product Development

Terrence O’Neil

Director of Operations

Jacque Sokolov MD


Michael Chambers


Michael McCallister


Jeffrey Le Benger MD FACS


John Ballantyne PhD

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Steven W. Dow DVM PhD

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Stan Lapidus

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Peter P. Lee MD

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Terry A. McInnis MD MPH CPE

Scientific Advisory Board Member

At Calviri we are pushing hard to achieve a single goal: end suffering caused by cancer. Driven by our innovative science we are driving back the boundaries of the currently possible, to reimagine cancer detection, treatment and prevention.

Our ambition is huge, yet we are scientifically grounded. Calviri wants to end the outdated cancer treatment approach, and with it end not just deaths, but the misery of patients enduring terrible side effects. We want to create a better world, because we care, and because we can.

Calviri is at the center of cancer

  • Early cancer detection
  • Therapeutic vaccines
  • Prophylactic vaccines

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PBC – Phoenix Bioscience Core
850 North 5th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Calviri is thankful to have the backing of experienced life sciences investors who see the potential we offer. If you are interested in being part of the future of cancer detection, treatment and prevention we’d like to hear from you.