A Comparison of a DNA Sourced Neoantigen Vaccine to an RNA Frameshift Vaccine in the Mouse Ovarian Cancer Model

Milene tavares Batista, Sierra Nicole Murphy, John Lainson, Loui Shen, Stephen Albert Johnston

Tumor bearing mice produce antibodies anti-Fs specific that can be detected by peptide microarray…


RNA transcription and Splicing errors as a Source of cancer frameshift neoantigens for Vaccines

Luhui Shen, Jian Zhang, Hojoon Lee, Milene tavares Batista, Stephen Albert Johnston

Calviri is banking on their novel vaccine approach to stop cancer.Their study of RNA processing errors in tumors highlighted that a large number of frameshift neoantigens are produced. This new class of cancer neoantigens are shown in pre-clinical models to serve as protective vaccine components…


FAST vaccines based on frameshift neoantigens may have advantages over personal vaccines

Milene Tavares Batista, Sierra Nicole Murphy, Ji’an Zhang, Luhui Shen, Phillip Stafford, Stephen Albert Johnston

The FAST technology may open new opportunities to develop a low cost, feasible and efficacious vaccine against cancer. Personalized and tumor-specific FS vaccines could protect against primary and metastatic lesions in a preclinical mouse model of breast cancer, inducing a potent T cell immune response…


Using Frameshift Peptide Arrays for Cancer Neo-Antigens Screening 

Jian Zhang, Luhui Shen & Stephen Albert Johnston. Scientific Reports 2018. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-35673-0.

This study introduces the frameshift peptide (FSP) array as a discovery platform for protective cancer neoantigens. Frameshift arrays are shown to be effective for functionally screening possible errors made by tumors at the RNA, not DNA, level for those that generate antibody-reactive neoantigens.  Reactive FSPs selected from the array protect vaccinated mice from tumor challenge while non-reactive peptides do not.


March 2019, Abstract, A simple blood based test for predicting clinical benefit of cancer immunotherapy

The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

The FSPs with positive IgG reactive in response patients may be related to anti-tumor immune response, which needs to be further investigated. We also showed that the FSP array can potentially predict the patients who may have high grade immune related adverse events with the CPI treatment…


Common neoantigens from the frame shifted transcripts

September 2017, Abstract

This model predicts that these FS varients will be encoded in the RNA but not the DNA, most would be immunogenic and could serve as a vaccine component.  Here we have tested each of these predictions using data from mice, dogs and humans…


Use of random peptide array to discover cancer neo antigens for vaccines and diagnostics

November 2014, Abstract

Neo-antigens from predicted fusion transcripts are targets of cancer humoral immune response. This work indicates that we can efficiently decipher neo-antigens from the immunosignatures of cancer subjects. This may be a new source of antigens for diagnosis and cancer vaccines



Given by Calviri

Calviri presents investment opportunitiy during JP Morgan, 2020…

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