Human applications

Calviri for people


It’s time to change the way we treat cancer.

Transforming the approach to human cancer.

We are working to completely rewrite the approach to cancer. We aim to accelerate the current unacceptable, incremental and expensive progress in the field, with truly transformational technologies that can benefit people worldwide.

The current cancer treatment industry is outdated. Available medicines such as chemotherapy don’t work for everyone, and it is gruelling to go through – often causing more problems.

Fighting a successful cancer battle can be greatly improved with early detection – something our stage 1 cancer diagnostics is able to do quickly and cost effectively. But that’s not the whole Calviri story, our therapeutic vaccines have the potential to replace outdated treatments with a series of simple injections. What’s more, we are also developing preventative vaccines that could stop people ever getting cancer.

Our work holds more than the promise of ending cancer, it could hold the key to saving billions of dollars for healthcare payers, and opening up life saving cancer treatment to people everywhere.

Different, simple and cost effective

What makes these ambitious goals achievable is our discovery of a source of tumor neoantigens that are generated from errors at the RNA, rather than DNA, level. These neoantigens can be used as a source of unique preventative and therapeutic vaccines that are off-the-shelf, inexpensive vaccines. This is in contrast to most current approaches which are more complicated and expensive personal vaccines.

Immunotherapy treatments can be used for only some types of cancer, and can come with severe side effects. Costs also can spiral north of $100,000
Source: Nature

With just a drop of blood we can inform life saving decisions

In addition, we developed a chip technology that enables measurement of a person’s antibodies to these neoantigens. From a small amount of blood we can determine if a person has early stage cancer and give patients a better chance of beating the disease. Our vision is that this technology will be used to regularly screen people for the earliest signs of cancer, and when detected they will be treated with a vaccine to end it.

Over 70% of cancer deaths are caused by indications which currently have no recommended screening
Source: CDC, American Cancer Society

A future without cancer

Beyond our early stage screening and therapeutic cancer vaccines, we are working on a vaccine to broadly prevent all cancers, for both humans and dogs.

Human cancer cost


Preventing cancer by reducing risk and screening

Between 30 and 50% of cancers could currently be prevented by avoiding risk factors and implementing existing evidence-based prevention strategies. The cancer burden can also be reduced through early detection of cancer and appropriate treatment.

1 in 6 people

Cancer deaths worldwide

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths


Global oncology spend

In 2020, global oncology spending totaled $167 billion. In comparison, costs stood at $74 billion six years earlier.

30.2m children

Childhood cancers

By 2040, it’s estimated that the incidence of all cancers will have risen from just over 19 million in 2020 to 30.2 million.

2.3m women

Breast cancer cases rising

The incidence of breast cancer in women has overtaken lung cancer, with 2.3 million new cases in 2020 (compared to 2.09 in 2018), accounting for more than 11% of the diagnosed population.