Clinical trials

Testing the efficacy of our vaccines against cancer

If our cancer vaccines work in dogs, then they may also work in people.

Stephen Albert Johnson
Founding CEO

Calviri clinical trials


Calviri’s dog clinical trials include the world’s largest canine cancer vaccine study ever done to test the efficacy of a preventative vaccine against cancer. Other dog vaccine trials in candidate discovery phase include ones for Hemangiosarcoma (HSA).


Human clinical trials are currently in development. They include one for evaluating a pediatric brain cancer vaccine and a prognostic test for responders to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapies.

Colorado State University dog cancer vaccine trial

Clinical trial

Watch CNN’s report on Calviri’s dog cancer vaccine trial on our videos page.

A preventative vaccine to protect against all major cancers

Calviri is conducting the world’s largest canine vaccine study to test the efficacy of a preventative vaccine against cancer. Through the ASU Foundation and in collaboration with Colorado State University we are using a $6.4 M grant from Open Philanthropy Project to fund the vaccine study in dogs.

This ongoing clinical cancer trial (VACCS) is testing a preventative vaccine to protect against all major cancers. A patent has been filed on its composition.

Frameshift peptide arrays

In a collaborative trial with MD Anderson serum samples from cancer patients that received checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy were tested on the frameshift peptide arrays. Results indicate that responders can be distinguished from non-responders. Additional patient samples have been collected to extend this effort toward a companion diagnostic for immunotherapeutic treatments.